Celebrity Home Fitness

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Celebrity Home Fitness

Progressive Fitness was specificially designed for you to burn maximum calories in as little time as possible. Now you can learn the secrets on what celebrities do to always look their best.

The Progressive Fitness Program includes the following:

14 - Home Workout Videos

Vizn Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

Home Fitness Band Kit (Set of 10)

Home Celebrity Fitness

Progressive Fitness is a total body workout that focuses on toning, strengthening, and shredding your body over the 12 week program. JC White wants to welcome you to his celebrity training clientele to train just like the stars would.

"I created progressive fitness as a way for fitness to become a part of your lifestyle. I want you to take this journey with me to make fitness a habit."
-JC White

You must consult your doctor or physician before using or purchasing this program. This program was created for adults over the age of 18 only. Do not perform a single workout until you have consulted your doctor or physician. By purchasing this program, you have received permission from your doctor or physician that you are in good health to perform this program.

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Free Home Workout

JC wanted you to get a taste of exactly what you will be doing for the next 12 weeks! The video below is a 23 minute home workout. You DO NOT need gym equipment or resistance bands for this workout. Just your bodyweight and a few household items.

Make sure to grab the following items before you begin the workout:
- Chair
- 2 Books or 2 Water Bottles
- Paper Plates or Spoons

Fun Training with the Stars

14 Home
Workout Videos

20 to 50 Minutes
Each Workout

Resistance Band

12-Week Program

Lower Body

Upper Body

Boxing Cardio &

Cardio and
Calorie Burning

Meet your Workout Partners

Roy Jones Jr.

Cameron Mathison

Melissa Gorga

Joe Gorga

Lindsey Pelas


JC wanted to prove to you that his training techniques really do work. This is why JC brought in some of his previous clients to be in the program with you as living proof. JC has helped transform clients ranging from one who lost over 100 pounds to another that won a fitness competition in his 50’s.

Meet Tye White



Meet Gilles Berube



14 Workouts

JC wanted to give you a sneak peak of what you could expect with each workout video throughout the 12-week program. Watch the videos below to fully understand what you are going to experience for the next 12 weeks.

1. Full Body Metabolic

Melissa & Joe Gorga

30 Minutes

2. Chest, Legs, Core

Nikki Howard & Casey Kiss

41 Minutes

3. Back, Shoulders, Arms

Amy Pham & Nicole Amato

22 Minutes

4. Legs, Core, Cardio

Jessica Sutta, Chryistina Sayers, Natasha Slayton & Paula Van Oppen

46 Minutes

5. Upper Body & Core

Cameron Mathison

20 Minutes

6. Boxing, Total Body & Cardio

Roy Jones Jr. & Heath Evans

42 Minutes

7. Full Body & Cardio

Lindsey Pelas

26 Minutes

8. Chest, Legs & Core

Tye White

52 Minutes

9. Back, Shoulders & Arms

Lexi Mars

21 Minutes

10. Legs, Core & Cardio

Genelle Seldon

36 Minutes

11. Back, Shoulders & Arms

Chris Willson

31 Minutes

12. Full Body & Cardio

Alison Fiori

27 Minutes

13. Chest, Legs & Cardio

Gilles Berube & James Kaplan

42 Minutes

14. Boxing & Total Body

Chris Van Heerden

48 Minutes

Why Star Vizn?

Core & Abdominal Training

Upper Body

Lower Body

Cardio & Conditioning

Boxing Cardio

Lifetime Access!

12-Week Program Calander

Workout Anytime - Anywhere - Any Device

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