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Your mentors want you to get a taste of what to expect in the program. You will hear first hand how each of your mentors became succesful and what drives them every day. Video Lesson #1 “The Introduction” is below:

Entrepreneurship & Business Program

Take a step-by-step entrepreneurship and business journey to learn exactly how to take an idea or a struggling business and turn it into an empire. Learn how to take your business or idea to levels you never thought were imaginable.

Meet your Mentors

Kevin Harrington

Jonathan Cheban

James Kaplan

Gerard Adams

21 Total Video Lessons

This program will help transform your mindset and turn you into an innovative entrepreneur. Have you ever wondered how the top entrepreneurs constantly are able to create new and succesful businesses? This program will teach you how.

1. Introduction

20 Minutes

2. The Product or Idea

9 Minutes

3. Building your Dream Team

8 Minutes

4. Becoming a Key Person of Influence

8 Minutes

5. Pitching the Product

7 Minutes

6. Test Before you Invest

10 Minutes

7. Customer Acquisition Cost

13 Minutes

8. Branding and Logo

13 Minutes

9. Website and Application

22 Minutes

10. SWOT Analysis

16 Minutes

11. Competition

6 Minutes

12. Initial Equity

20 Minutes

13. Partnerships and Co Branding

13 Minutes

14. The Marketing Plan

8 Minutes

15. The Operational Plan

14 Minutes

16. The Financial Plan

15 Minutes

17. The Valuation

9 Minutes

18. Raising Capital

11 Minutes

19. Executive Summary

7 Minutes

20. Investor Deck

4 Minutes

21. The Launch

11 Minutes

Why Star Vizn?

Step by Step Lesson Plan

Weekly Assignments

Business Plan and Investor Deck

Transform your Mindset

Learn How to Raise Capital

Become Succesful

Lesson Plan

This is your chance to finally learn what it takes to be successful. Has your business been struggling or are you looking to launch a startup? This program will teach you how to build a Million Dollar Company. Now you have the tools to be succesful and it is just up to you to execute.

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