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Myles Turner

Myles Turner's 12-week basketball training camp focuses on shooting, ball handling, explosiveness, defense, and conditioning. Myles wants you to become the best possible offensive and defensive player to help your team. Myles created 12-unique Turner challenges that will test your game each week and measure your improvement.

This program is for both the teen who is looking to improve at basketball and the adult who is looking for a fun total body cardio workout.

Myles Turner is a professional basketball player. Myles is from Bedford, Texas where he played basketball at Trinity High School. Myles has been known for his unbelievable highlight dunks, hustle, work ethic, and blocked shots. Myles holds an annual basketball summer camp each year to give back to his community and youth. Myles also runs a charity called WARM with the philosophy of helping others and trying to benefit the community as a whole. Myles wants to coach you into becoming the best basketball player possible.

Program focuses on:

Strength Training

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