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Phil Handy

Phil Handy's core belief is teaching basketball to build a proper foundation from day 1. He knows exactly what it takes to provide the fundamental direction of basketball to enhance any players current skills. He is finally ready to share his knowledge and proper training techniques to maximize your potential on and off the court. His program will show you how the PHIL-osophies can be utilized by players, trainers, and coaches no matter your skill level. Phil brought in high school athletes, overseas players, current players in the league, and 2-time MVP and Hall of Famer Steve Nash to prove to you that everyone must build a proper foundation from day 1 to become a better basketball player.

Born and raised in the Bay Area, Phil Handy knew early in life that basketball would create a gateway to life's opportunities. After high-profile success in high school and junior college, Phil committed to U of Hawaii, where he played multiple positions and led his team in numerous statistical categories, including back to back tournament berths after a 25 year drought.

After his collegiate years, he played a couple of seasons in the league and continued his career overseas. His European career was very successful and included teams in Israel, Italy, France, England, Germany and Australia. Phil was recognized as a versatile Guard who could play multiple positions. Great defender, very solid ball handling skills, tremendous leaping ability and a nice touch from the 3-point line. A constant professional and hard-worker, known for being a fundamentally sound player.

In 1999, he started his training business 94 Feet of Game working with Athletes of all ages in the US and Internationally (high school, college and pro). In 2011, Phil was offered his first role of Director of Player Development for Los Angeles and he couldn't pass on the opportunity to work with one of the greatest, dedicated, most resilient players; Kobe Bryant. After 2 seasons with Los Angeles, Phil was offered a position with Cleveland and since his time began with Cleveland as an assistant coach, he was one of the key components of helping Kyrie Irving take his game to the next level.

He is 1 of 2 coaches that has coached both Kobe Bryant and Lebron James. Phil has really expanded the meaning of Development Coach, enhancing technical basketball mechanisms and taking it back to where it all began, the fundamentals of the game. His leadership off the court has migrated into the international basketball markets and he makes huge impacts in Australia, London, Indonesia, Philippines and China. His legacy continues but has only just begun.

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Program focuses on:

Ball Handling
Pick and Roll
Handling and Passing
Breakdown Moves
Footwork and Balance
2 Player Breakdowns

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